GALLERY: Beautiful view over the ISKAR GORGE (BUL)

The Iskar Gorge

My camera captured these during a short trip close to Sofia (BUL). 
This is where Iskar river meets the mountains and creates this winding, scenic canyon, covered with greens and waterfalls. It's hard to believe this is just minutes away from the urbanized Sofia landscape. 

These few hours I spent up there reminded me how rarely I find time to just enjoy the beauty of my home country. Soak up the sun, give some food to my soul, give myself a mental restart and just try and capture all that immense green and blue with the lens of my camera...

I did capture some amazing views and for those of you who haven't been to Bulgaria - hope that makes you wanna plan your trip here! For those of you who have or are living here - just go out and remember we live in this country with incredibly rich nature! It's not enough to just tell your foreign friends how beautiful it have to experience it yourself in order to be passionate about it! 

Gabi K.