GALLERY: Athens - Acropolis & Beaches


There's not much to say besides - you NEED to see the beautiful, hot (double entendre totally intended!) Greek capital. At the Aegean Sea coast, it combines a lot of everything - history, beautiful landscapes, amazing beaches, great places to eat, have a drink, listen to some good music, and plenty of young people to enjoy all of the above with! 

I did not want to walk around with the camera all day every day like a tourist, since I went to visit friends, but I took it out a couple of times to capture some historical rocky beauty at the Acropolis of Athens and some beach shots with my best friend - Marina <3

So here they are: 

And like every nice thing our 5 days in Athens flew by SO quick that we found ourselves on the way back in the car talking about all the great memories we made! 

Looking forward to seeing you again, Athens...! 

Gabi K.