GALLERY: Another weekend of wandering in the Nature

GALLERY: Another day of Wandering in the Nature

It's the weekend again. And all I need after a week of hard work, therapy, road trips and all, is a short getaway.
Preferably somewhere away from the heat of the city and closer to nature.
Luckily my lovely home country is the perfect place for this! 

So this weekend I went on a trip an hour away from Sofia, at the foot of Malyovitsa peak (2729m.) in Rila mountain. One of the most beautiful places to ski in the winter and also offering a sweet escape from the summer temperatures. A lot of people were hiking, other were camping outside, you could hear the murmur of the river, and feel the mouthwatering smell of barbeque.

Add the stunning view of Malyovitsa, the fresh breeze and great company and you can be sure I went back to the city later that night fully recharged and grinning from ear to ear! 

Here's what I captured with my camera over there and also a few shots of the amazing sunset view from my apartment. I could not resist that fire in the sky so it just added up to my great weekend mood! 

Gabi K.